The first time I heard ‘sex sells’ was as a writer for Nigerian romance magazine, Hints, back in the day. We’d been aiming to push 25,000 copies a week to a continually diminishing reading audience, but the reading culture was then dying by the minute in Nigeria alongside morals and values. So we watched dismally as a huge bunch of our circulation came back to us every week.

Then something happened. And it was not a chance occurrence; it was perfectly orchestrated by us – the writers at the helm of affairs.  We did a story on a popular Nigerian actress and captioned it ‘SEX PUTS INI EDO IN TROUBLE’ because as luck would have it, the sultry starlet had abandoned location the week before for a quickie with an undisclosed bloke in a hotel, which got her banned from acting for a year. That edition exploded like London fireworks on New Year’s Eve! We even had to do a reprint before the week ran out. Needless to say, our circulation grew from strength to strength afterwards and hit a target we never dared to aim at, which made our boss, Dr Ibe Kachikwu so ecstatic he gave us mouth-watering bonuses. Sex had just begun to sell faster than hot cake!

So, if you had to choose between hot cake and sex, which would it be? I know many of you would fling the cake far away, after all, what can it really do for you except fill you with much-dreaded calories, yeah? On its part, sex has gone from being a secret to being the secret of success! Kim Kardashian chose sex and it has blown her larger than life. Sarah Jessica Parker’s name still resonates until today, nearly a decade after the finale of Sex and the City, because the series offered a graphic dissection of sex; it laid everything bare.

But where does sex end and where does common sense begin? This is a question we need to ask ourselves as we all struggle to fit this new key to success in our different locks.


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Laura Tata Onuigbo xx

5 thoughts on “SEX, THE SECRET OF SUCCESS?

  1. Ezinma

    Sex indeed sells. Whether it’s of a child whereby some naively seek the male sex more than the female or sex in terms of a provocateur as in the case of the Kardashians. As they say, flaunt it if you have it.


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